Sparta Combat League began as Beatdown Promotions, a small promotion putting on Mixed Martial Arts events not only for entertainment, but also to raise donations and create awareness for those in need.  In the past we have done events such as  Army VS Marines (donations benefitting local veterans), Beatdown Cancer (donations benefitting families struggling to make it through cancer), and Battle of the Badges (donations benefitting injured Police Officers), just to mention a few.

In 2012 Sparta Combat League was born in an effort to brand what had now become one of the fastest growing promotions in Colorado.  From that point on we have continued to grow our events, both in size and credability.  We are now not known only as a small promotion, but as an ever-growing promotion with a purpose beyond just the sport.  Leading the local industry in video production and quality of show, we continue to break ground in otherwise untapped feilds; we are the only promotion to incorporate a charity into every event.  The future looks bright for Sparta Combat League as we took our promotion national in 2015. Through mixed martial arts we are able to draw together a vast crowd of otherwise very diverse people, and unite together to support local families in need.  We have expanded our database of fighters to include not just up and coming amateurs, but well-known professionals, even veterans of some of the biggest promotions in the country.

We are a professionally run organization, with a vast team of people who are constantly supporting the cause in every way that they can.  If you would like to be a part of our team or know a family or individual in need of help, please contact us (you can submit on the contact us page or email/call us personally).  We are always looking for new and talented fighters that want to be a part of the events, as well as vendors, sponsors and anyone else interested in becoming a part of the fastest growing sport in the world.  We run a professional organization, treat our fighters well, and create awareness and benefit those we can along the way with the platform we are given.